Using Art as a Tool for Growth

Using Art as a Tool for Growth


Sometimes we forget our potential. There are billions of people in the world, and it’s difficult to remember that we matter – each of us individually. We all have the potential for growth – physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s just a matter of unlocking that potential and realising every day that it’s possible to grow and to achieve. Maybe you had a goal that’s been thrown to the wayside, or a dream as a child that never took shape. You often need a reminder to keep on keeping on. That’s where art comes in.


If you think about it, art has – throughout history – shared a strong connection with spirituality. Art is used as an expression of faith throughout the world, no matter what path you follow. It’s a way to meditate and figure out your feelings, thoughts, and discover new ways of thinking.


You May Think You’re not an Artist


But that doesn’t matter. It’s about expression, and painting, drawing, or doodling whatever is on your mind is one of the best forms of it. Abstract art is something that we all can create, and at the end of the day it’s about creation in whichever form you choose. Creation breeds more creation, and if you start a daily ritual of artistic expression, this can easily permeate through other parts of your life – be it spiritually or in chasing your goals.


Let Art Serve as a Reminder


Going back to us forgetting our potential, art can be a strong reminder of how big we actually are, even when it seems we are small. Just the knowledge that you have created something from scratch is powerful enough to motivate us. But you have to consciously link art with your goals and dreams. When you express yourself through art, remember that you are capable of creating not only what you are doing, but whatever else you want to do with your life. As your artistic expression becomes more prolific, so you grow towards achieving your goals.


Whether you’re splattering paint about on a canvas, viewing a gallery of works or doodling in your spare time, make a conscious effort to make the activity a reminder of your capability as a human. It’s a way to get back on track in pursuing your goals and aspirations, and a spiritual growth path for the future.

Sherri Calosso