Using Art as a Tool for Growth

Using Art as a Tool for Growth


Sometimes we forget our potential. There are billions of people in the world, and it’s difficult to remember that we matter – each of us individually. We all have the potential for growth – physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s just a matter of unlocking that potential and realising every day that it’s possible to grow and to achieve. Maybe you had a goal that’s been thrown to the wayside, or a dream as a child that never took shape. You often need a reminder to keep on keeping on. That’s where art comes in.


If you think about it, art has – throughout history – shared a strong connection with spirituality. Art is used as an expression of faith throughout the world, no matter what path you follow. It’s a way to meditate and figure out your feelings, thoughts, and discover new ways of thinking.


You May Think You’re not an Artist


But that doesn’t matter. It’s about expression, and painting, drawing, or doodling whatever is on your mind is one of the best forms of it. Abstract art is something that we all can create, and at the end of the day it’s about creation in whichever form you choose. Creation breeds more creation, and if you start a daily ritual of artistic expression, this can easily permeate through other parts of your life – be it spiritually or in chasing your goals.


Let Art Serve as a Reminder


Going back to us forgetting our potential, art can be a strong reminder of how big we actually are, even when it seems we are small. Just the knowledge that you have created something from scratch is powerful enough to motivate us. But you have to consciously link art with your goals and dreams. When you express yourself through art, remember that you are capable of creating not only what you are doing, but whatever else you want to do with your life. As your artistic expression becomes more prolific, so you grow towards achieving your goals.


Whether you’re splattering paint about on a canvas, viewing a gallery of works or doodling in your spare time, make a conscious effort to make the activity a reminder of your capability as a human. It’s a way to get back on track in pursuing your goals and aspirations, and a spiritual growth path for the future.

Seeing Through the Third Eye: A Brief Background on Psychic Readings

Seeing Through the Third Eye:
A Brief Background on Psychic Readings


From boardwalk tarot readers and midnight hotline psychic seers, all the way to official Oracles and future-gazing law enforcement advisors, the world is full of those who claim the gift of sight. And they’ve been around for a long, long time. The art of psychic readings has a complex past, and it would appear they are here to stay.


Leaders have garnered insight from seers for centuries. The Ancient Egyptians esteemed their seers so highly that they included them in royal courts. They were consulted about the outcome of battles, and their opinions were regarded with great importance on decisions regarding crops and even government officials (  

Though their history has often been a tumultuous one, psychics have helped shape world history. Caesar’s soothsayer predicted his untimely death; Scotland’s Brahan Seer predicted natural events and Hitler’s invasion and Poland; the ancient priestess, Pythia, was so highly regarded by the leaders at Delphi that her predictions lead to a ban on gold and silver; and we couldn’t forget Nostradamus. His prophecies about natural disasters and the end of the world are discussed and feared to this day. (


Today, psychics are surrounded by a lot of skepticism, which could be a result of the rise of Monotheism, and the power struggle that ensued—anyone possessing the gift of sight who attracted a following could be sentenced to death ( But despite the adversity psychic readers have faced, many are still consulted regularly. Law enforcement often enlists psychics to aid them in solving cases, thousands of books have been published on the gift of sight, and even television shows occasionally feature psychics and clairvoyants.

Some particularly influential psychics from recent times include Joan Quigley, whom Nancy Reagan regularly consulted; Edgar Cayce, who predicted the Great Depression and Hitler; and Madam Marie, a boardwalk psychic who predicted Bruce Springsteen’s rise to fame and went on to read for many other celebrities. There’s even a State Oracle of Tibet, who resides with the Dali Lama, and has accurately predicted difficult times for Tibet and the Dali Lama’s need to flee the country.

Types of Seeing

Psychics may preform readings a number of ways: tarot cards, palm readings, astrology. But still many others simply use their intuitive senses to make predictions. There are several types of “seeing.” Some major types include:

·      Clairvoyance - the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing (

·      Clairaudience - the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead (

·      Clairsentience - To perceive information by a "feeling" within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information (

·      Claircognizance - the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it (

These “intuitive senses” supplement a seer’s five physical senses ( The use of these senses can also be thought of as “seeing through the third eye,” which is how Sherri Calosso, psychic artist at, preforms her psychic readings.


How To Declutter Your Mind and Energy

How To Declutter Your Mind and Energy

I’m a big fan of using simple tactics to combat unruly thoughts.  There’s no need to complicate things with time-consuming methods.  By tackling unwanted thoughts on a daily basis in small increments of time, you can achieve wonderful results.
You may have heard of the KonMari method of tidying up, the simple solution to freeing your life of clutter. It’s a book written by Marie Kondo, and I encourage you to take a read.  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. But first, let's talk about the ‘stuff’ that exists within your mind? What if you’re feeling too distracted to even read? What if your energy is down and your brain is full of meaningless thought clutter?
If you can’t bring yourself to first focus on cleaning up your possession, then it’s time to focus on cleaning up your mind. Here are three easy steps to start decluttering your mind now.

Sometimes we can’t bring ourselves to first focus on cleaning up our possessions. Sometimes we need to focus on cleaning up our mind.


Make Space for Each Thought

We’ve all been there – lying in bed with a million thoughts from the day running through our heads preventing the sleep that’s so essential. A simple way to help clear out these running thoughts is to make space for each one. When something pops into your head, don’t try to push it out. Instead, acknowledge it. Make space for it in your head by giving it a mind-nod, and then move on to the next one. If you train your brain to give each thought its own space, you will soon calm down the roar of your mind and feel far more at ease with yourself.


Focus on the Spark

The KonMari method teaches us to hold only onto things that ‘spark joy’. We can do this in a similar way by holding onto, or focusing on, the sparks of joy in our thoughts. It’s sometimes impossible to pull ourselves away from negativity, but this is harmful to us and will only breed more negativity. But if you find something that brings you joy, even a small amount, and completely immerse yourself in that, you will slowly remove the negativity of the moment. Even if you just gain a small amount of pleasure from making a warm beverage, or settling down to read, let that fill your mindspace and repeat the feeling over and over again like a mantra.



This is often suggested as a way to declutter your energy and feel calm, and there’s a reason for that: IT WORKS. I know you hate it, or can't do it or insert some other lame excuse here.  But meditation focuses on the moment, bringing your mind, thoughts, and energy together and easing away all the clutter from your day to day life. It’s easy to learn, and if you set aside a small portion (seriously, you can find 5 to 10 minutes) of each day to meditating, you’re going to feel the difference immediately – even after one session.  Headspace is a great app you can put on your phone and it’s free! .  Also I love Orin and Daben's guided meditations.  You can download them as Mp3's for only $7 bucks each.  I use them at night before bed.  Guided meditations are perfect for the beginner to experienced meditator - all you have to do is listen and they tell you exactly what to do!  


So if you’re feeling scattered and need a boost, try one of these methods to declutter your mind and energy. Especially in today’s distracting world, we need to take time to slow down and make some time for ourselves. We need to sort out our minds and remove the thclutter from our lives.


The top 5 reasons why you should hire a psychic

The top 5 reasons why you should hire a psychic


Did you know that there are 85,000 psychics across the globe? The majority of people in the US believe in the power of psychics because they understand how useful they can be, especially when making decisions in life and developing a deeper level of spiritual contentment. A psychic can tune in to your personal energy and then feedback what they perceive about you. This can be incredibly powerful and even life changing in many cases, as you’ll find out later in this article...


Today’s blog will talk about the top 5 reasons why you should hire a psychic...


1. Overcome challenges in life


Are you facing times of adversity? A psychic is a really useful way of finding out what life truly has in store for you. Hiring a psychic can provide powerful insights that you wouldn’t normally receive from traditional methods of therapy.


During challenging in times in life, we often need some guidance to help us find the right path. Psychic readings will help you see outcomes about your life that opens your eyes and gives you direction.


2. Develop a healthier mind


Developing more contentment and happiness in life is one of the best reasons to hire a psychic. With the revealing nature of a psychic reading, you can release negative energy and find a stronger sense of inner calm. The information from a psychic reading is powerful and insightful, helping you to focus on living a life of wellbeing whilst making more informed decisions in life.


We all deserve to be spiritually content but not many of us know how to achieve it. The power of a psychic reading gives you the strength to develop a healthier mind, overcoming any inner anxieties you may be facing.


3. Find your soul mate


Hiring a psychic can help you to find a relationship in life and you’ll have the insight to understand who to look out for. Love is incredibly important for spiritual health and with a psychic reading, you’ll find out when this opportunity will appear. Not only this but you will find out how to develop stronger relationships and attract the right person into your life.


Psychic readings are very revealing for those who are looking for a relationship. Do you know whom you’re compatible with? Are you seeing someone and want to know if they will become your life partner? Do you have the right mindset to recognize the special person in your life? A psychic can help with each of these questions, giving you much more clarity.


4. Coping with loss


Without the right insights, loss can be very difficult to deal with. However, using a psychic reading gives you the chance to understand loss and the circumstances. Understandably, many people are worried about the loved ones in their life. When hiring a psychic, you can understand loss and become more at peace of mind with it.


Losing someone is difficult because we have so many questions about the people we care about when they pass away. A psychic reading can give you the information you need to develop a stronger sense of inner peace that helps you deal with the pain of losing someone. Once you have the information you need from a psychic reading, it’s easier to move on and restore your spiritual health.


5. Understanding the future


Your life in the future is created by the decisions you make now. We’re all on a journey in life, taking a path that’s guided by the insights we have at hand. A psychic reading can give you information about your future and the decisions you need to make now, so that you can visualize and develop a more informed life.


Frequently we may feel lost. A psychic reading gives you direction, helping you find the right path to take. As people we’re in control of certain factors in our life but we need a psychic to help us achieve the right future, as they can give us information that helps us understand what action to take now.


As you can see with each of the above reasons, hiring a psychic can give you valuable and insightful information to live a spiritually healthier life. Whether you’re facing challenges in life or you’re seeking direction, a psychic reading is essential for anyone helping to deal with the unpredictability that life offers.


If you’re seeking a psychic reading or would like to find out more about them, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.

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